Old Catholic Apostolic Church

Finance and Mission of the Old Catholic Apostolic Church

The Old Catholic Apostolic Church has since its inception worked on the principle that the clergy should offer their vocations without expectation of stipend or monetary reward from the Church. All members of the church are voluntary and unpaid. This suits our work and mission well: St Paul was a tent-maker, the Apostles fishermen, Christ himself a carpenter; there is no necessity for full-time ministry. Our voluntary status should give those who use our services some confidence, as those who seek to be clergy for money, power or 'kudos' do not seek work with us! Our clergy are professional in the sense of dedication and standards, but are volunteers - serving because they are working out their faith. We do, however, have the utmost respect for those sincere clergy who earn their living from full time ministry - just that it does not happen in our church.

An interesting aside evolving from our voluntary status is that there are no arguments about property or money in our church, which some find a refreshing contrast. Our church canons forbid the church entity to receive or give money, so the church is unable to give money to 'good causes' and does not receive either.

Our clergy support their ministries through their secular work, and in some cases are of independent means. Some have ecumenical ministry too, earning from funerals, weddings and life-state services for standard fees. Our clergy have a deep connection with those they serve as they too are exposed to the pressures and situations of working life; it makes our clergy 'connected' and helps them in their pastoral care.