Old Catholic Apostolic Church, South America

At the moment this province comes directly under the Patriarch.  Ordinary ad tempus +Adrian.


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Very Revd. Fr. Nilson Mariano Filho - Vicar General for Brazil
Revd. Fr. Nilson Mariano Filho, priest in BrazilFr. Nilson joined OCAC by incardination. He lives and serves in Sao Paulo. Formerly of the Belarusian Orthodox Catholic Church of Brazil, Fr. Nilson works in the secular as a clinical psychologist. He is also a director  of a social project for the professional education of young people and adults. The church is in need of committed people who desire to be traditional religious Priests in Brazil, in the liberal charism.Please get in touch with Fr. Nilson if this could be you. Fr. Nilson leads the work in Brazil as the patriarch's representative and acts on his behalf.His Instrument of Appointment is here.


Luke Ironside
Luke Michael IronsideLuke is a teacher of English as a Foreign Language and although he orginates from Guernsey in the Channel Islands, with connections in Sussex, England he is presently working in Columbia.Luke at Montserrate in Bogota Luke has a strong interest in Christian Theosophy with a particular focus of Wedgewood and Leadbeater and contributes to the Theosophical Society and the Virtual Centre for Theosophical Study. Luke is presently working through the minor orders.

Padre Santiago Zamora
Padre Santiago ZamoraFr. Santiago lives and serves in Cartagena, Murcia, Columbia. Working a busy and active ministry; and running a prayer blog he is a prolific and caring priest. Fr Santiago says: 'God is crazy about you. He sends you flowers every spring and a sunrise every morning. When you want to talk ... He listens to you. You can live anywhere in the universe, He will hear your heart.'

Bishop David Quispe Aguirre
Bishop David Quispe Aguirre
Bishop Aguirre joins OCAC by incardination. He served for nearly 10 years in the Roman Catholic Church, leaving because he wanted a family. Later ordained as an Anglican priest he served the people of Lima for some time before being raised to the episcopacy in 2019. The church he was serving with came upon difficult times and dwindled, leaving Bishop Aguirre searching for a spiritual home, we have found in OCAC.
Bishop David Quispe Aguirre - ministryBishop David Quispe Aguirre - ministryBishop Aguirre's Incardination Certificate is here
We invite enquiries from suitable people of all levels to serve in our Province of South America & Mexico.

Please email your enquiries to liberalcatholicsuk@gmail.com