Old Catholic Apostolic Church

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Ancient in faith...modern in vision

Hello! We are the Old Catholic Apostolic Church. Old, because we can show our history right back to the first Apostles. Catholic, because that means 'universal' and we are part of Christ's work for everyone. Apostolic, because Christ told us to go out into the world, 'to preach, baptise and fulfill My mission'. Church, because we are! We are modern in vision, because we strive to be as relevant for today, as the 'Acts 2' church was as relevant for their 'today'. Search for us on the web, on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, or get in touch: old.catholics@liberalcatholics.uk

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Thank you for your interest in the Old Catholic Apostolic Church. We are a 'mission' church always doing something!  It is not our task to be a smaller version of any other church: we have a distinct role to play, in our own right. So each of our clergy has an active expression of serving; we are street pastors, chaplains, preachers, Christian broadcasters, helping the homeless, missionaries, leading prayer outreach, Christian writers and so on.

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The church is a 'family' and families have family trees. The Old Catholic Apostolic Church is a significant branch of the church that derived from the Roman Catholics who separated to form the 'Old Catholics of Utrecht'. Many of their successors embraced a liberality and openess which was successful in creating the 'Liberal Catholic' churches. Our church is related to them all through our 'family tree' and the coming together of Liberal Catholic, Old Catholic and Apostolic churches which led to the OCAC of today.

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The OCAC derives its Apostolic Successions from the historic Churches of the East and West, and can trace those successions through multiple lines right back to the first Apostles. The OCAC has significant ties with the historic Old Catholics and Liberal Catholic movement and is spiritual protector of the worldwide Independent Liberal Catholic Fellowship. OCAC is a worldwide church and has a small but significant presence on every continent.

Other churches are organised as dioceses of congregations, that is great. We are organised of dioceses of ministries, so we serve as Christ calls us (street pastors, chaplains, Christian broadcasters etc.) and can still be with other denominations - our local church! - worship on a Sunday. We are part-time and unpaid, so have secular work too. But then... Paul was a tent maker, the Apostles: fishermen (apart from the tax-collector), and Jesus Himself was a carpenter!

The Old Catholic Apostolic Church is a member of the Independent Catholic Churches Council. Many of its members are part of the Independent Liberal Catholic Fellowship and its bishops are members of the United Free Catholic Bishops Conference. To contact OCAC click here or go to the Contact Us page.

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