Old Catholic Apostolic Church

The Old Catholic Education Society

The Old Catholic Education society is a part of the Old Catholic Apostolic Church (OCAC) that seeks to educate and inform on all aspects of Old Catholic theology and church practice from an Old Catholic as a denomination perspective that is wider than just that of OCAC even though we are a significant part of the Old Catholic denomination. The purpose of the Old Catholic Education Society (OCES) is:
  • To promote Christian education, particularly as expressed in the Old Catholic denomination.
  • To foster knowledge and appreciation of the Old Catholic Movement through the dissemination of information regarding its history, theology, practices, and current work throughout the world.
  • To encourage interdenominational friendship through a commitment to Jesus Christ, which forms the foundation of Christian religion and service.

There is a website with resource, information and learning providing information on Old Catholicism, the Old Catholic Apostolic Church, contemporary thoughts on Christian education (both formal and informal), and the Christian faith in general. The link is here.
There is also the development of courses on Christian spirituality, such as an introductory course on Old Catholicism and courses related to living the Christian life intended for those not undergoing ministerial training.

There's a blog with both our own contributions and those of other contributors.

The society holds monthly Zoom webinars on Christian topics, in collaboration with other Old Catholics and Liberal Catholics around the world. To find out more click here.

The OCES contributes to the Old Catholic Apostolic Church in educational matters such as the
St Catherine's Seminary and in training material.

Old Catholic Education Society
General Secretary: Luke Ironside Luke Ironside OCES tutor
Education Consultant (within OCAC) Msgr David Parry
Education Consultant (outwith OCAC): Revd. Joseph Lagumbay of the
Catholic Universalist Church of the Philippines.

OCES Facebook Group is here

The charter of the society is here.