Old Catholic Apostolic Church

The Community of The Good Shepherd

Gemeenschap van de Goede Herder

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The Community of The Good Shepherd is a religious order based in Holland and operating throughout the low countries. It also has a dispersed membership in other countries. Led by Bishop Tony de Muelder, the community offers prayer and adoration in various church buildings, and they are often asked to lead worship in different denominations. Although steeped in Old Catholic Traditions from Utrecht, the order seeks to be inclusive and modern in its present outreach and mission.

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The Community is Led by +Tony de MuelderBishop T Muelder
Bishop Tony Muelder

Brother Deacon Gerard de Bruin
Brother Deacon Gerard de Bruin

And Sister Ank Hesseling
Sister Ank Hesseling

In the United States
Bishop Ralph SutichBishop Ralph Sutich. Born and grew up in Montana. Baptized and Confirmed in the Roman Catholic Church and studied at Durate Costa School of Religion Altoona, Pennsylvania. Ordained Deacon January 12th 1991 by Bishop Charles W Ingram. Ordained to the priesthood June 9th 2012 by Metropolitan Archbishop Allan Lambert S.G.S. and elected Bishop January 2015. After a delay of three years Ralph was consecrated Bishop on July 28th 2018 by Bishop Alexzandra Brow at Sheridan Memorial Hospital Chapel, Sheridan Wyoming. Bishop Ralph has a chapel in Forsyth, Montana with a small congregation of regular followers.