Old Catholic Apostolic Church
Monsigneur Dieu-Donne Agbon - Bishop-elect               OCAC.Africa@liberalcatholics.uk
Msgr Dieu-Donne AgbonMonsigneur Agbon lives and serves in Benin and leads our church there. Appointed by the Patriarch, Bishop Adrian, who first met with Dieu-Donne during the African synod at Abuja, Nigeria in 2016, along with the bishops in the African Nations he brings our serving to the diverse and wonderful communities in their serving of Christ. OCAC Benin is a part of the worldwide OCAC church family, responsible for its own affairs and the laws of the land, but responsible to the Old Catholic Apostolic Church Worldwide for spiritual communion and ecclesial authority. Msgr. Dieu-Donne leads the Congregation of the Pastors of Mercy (PMC) a religious order after the charism of St Thomas the Apostle.

Monsigneur Agbon's Certificate of Appointment is here.

Bishop-elect Agbon has been chosen by his congregation to be elected to the Episcopacy and will be consecrated soon.  His protocol of election is here.  His notarised Protocol of Election is here.

Msgr. Dieu-Donne Agbon and his congregation