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OSFC_logoThe Order of Saints Francis and Clare

The Order of Saints Francis and Clare (OSFC) is a Franciscan religious order that is open to anyone and everyone that has been influenced by Saint Francis of Assissi and or Saint Clare of Assissi. Membership is open to members of any denomination or none.

The OSFC is a dispersed order and is suitable for modern people seeking a greater involvement in the way of St Francis. The role of Prior is Bishop Jon Chapman ad-tempus after the order was for many years led by the late Revd. Laurence Martin Prior before his passing to glory in May 2020. The members can wear habit instead of clerical vestments. They use OSFC after their name to signify their obedience to the order.

The OSFC encourages members to serve in the Charism of St Francis and the Charism of St Clare in their daily lives and also by holding the world in prayer. As members come from all over the world and different time zones OSFC intends to be a continual prayer ministry with prayer continually offered.

Should you be interested in finding out about joining the order, please click here.

Constitution of OSFC
Statement of Faith - OSFC
Episcopal Licence of Prior

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