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OCAC India logoThe Old Catholic Apostolic Church in India is an outreach of our work organised as a branch directly responsible to the patriarch, it seeks to grow the work on the Indian sub-continent into regions and dioceses with missions and parishes. The geographical area is huge and the Spiritual task equally so.
Bishop Danileyu OCAC India

Bishop Konduri Danileyu is our bishop in Hyderabad who leads our work and serving. We have many small groups spread across India each doing the work of Jesus many unnoticed and quietly sharing the Gospel.

Revd. Fr. Thambi Joseph Mulupuri serves in Kurnool and works a busy parish there and outreach of OCAC generally.

Bishop Victor RaoRt. Revd. Dr. Victor V. Rao lives and serves in Telangana, and seeks to grow 'Christ Centered' churches in india. Bishop Rao acts as Administrator General representing the patriarch in India, and works tirelessly with the bishops and clergy in India bringing Christ to the people through OCAC.

Revd. Gilgal James
Pastor and outreach minister. Revd. James runs the Youth Christian Gospel Ministries in India and provides free medical assistance, evangelism and worship freely to those around him.

OCAC India

Old Catholic Apostolic Church in IndiaOld Catholic Apostolic Church in IndiaOld Catholic Apostolic Church in India