Old Catholic Apostolic Church
Benin Republic & Cameroun

OCAC has several priests from Cameroun OCAC mission in Benin: Fr. HervĂ© is the head of the Congregation of the Pastors of Mercy OCAC (after the charism of St Thomas the Apostle) - known locally as PMC - and  Fr. Romaric, also of PMC and Pastor of the parish of OCAC Cotonou. There is growth in number and in depth of belief in this important African nation. Msgr. Dieu-Donne AGBON serves as Apostolic Administrator and has oversight in Benin Republic & Cameroun by licence from the Patriarch having been appointed on 9th July 2019.

As of April 2021, Monsignor Dieu-donne Agbon has been elected to serve in the Episcopacy of OCAC Benin.  His protocol of election is here.

Fr Herve & Centre of Healing OCAC (PMC)The clergy & people of OCAC Benin

Licence of the Congregation of the Pastors of Mercy (OCAC Benin)

The church in Benin are constructing another church building and here's a couple of pictures:

OCAC Church being built in Benin RepublicOCAC Church being built in Benin Republic